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As well as the Emerald Isle cup we are hosting a fun annual WRS Fita 900 

The aim of this competition is to give experienced archers a different competition format 

For Beginners and intermediates a stepping stone into outdoor shooting 

If you registered for the Emerald Isle cup or volunteering at it you are invited to register here 

If you would like to purchase a ticket it's €35 euro per archer. 

The format is 

For experienced archers it's 30 arrows at each of the following distances 

60m 50m and 40meters all on a 120cm face

For Beginners and Intermeiteates its 

40m 30m and 20 meters all shot a 120cm 

We welcome Barebow, Compound and Recurve

fita 900.jpg

Fita 900

An extra bit of fun 

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